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Now available for production -

Ask your high school, college, or local theater to produce it!

Philippe's Escape

a French inspired Musical

written by

a French woman

Meet the author

Follow Philippe's escape from war-torn France, and buckle up for an emotional roller coaster that will take you to an explosive, unforgettable announcement.


Harmonica a main prop in Philippe's Escape, the new French inspired historical musical

A 15-year-old French boy’s escape from World War II should be all he needs to fulfill his dreams, but his pursuit of happiness in America is hindered by his own trusted benefactors.

What people have said about the performance:

Produced as a stage play in front of six hundred people, I knew I had reached my goals when I saw how much “Philippe’s Escape” touched the audience.

The response was extremely encouraging:

“Well documented, well researched!”
Hayes O., World War II historian



“I attended your Saturday night performance of Philippe and was captivated from the beginning… the songs, the compositions… When Philippe read the letter, there wasn’t a dry eye in my seating area. Philippe is a hit… and I am sure it will become a household name for many, many years. Thank you for an enjoyable evening at the PAC. My best,”
Kevin M., NBC Montana

Submission received a boost with strong underlying scorecard data

at The Titans Awards (2021) and We Screenplay (2021).

The concept was placed in the 85th PERCENTILE.

“Magnifique and other wonderful words that describe your beautiful work. What a glorious tribute. Thank you… Merci! Congratulations,”
Mari & Miki, Artists


“That was fantastic. It just kept getting better and better. Congrats. We loved it.”
Phyllis R.


“I think the absolute best parts of “Philippe” were the musical numbers! My gosh! The singing and dancing were just so delightful! Parts of it were funny. It is easily one of the best plays we have seen in quite some time. Congratulations on such a great job. Cheers!”
Clare K.


“I loved it! Thank you for all the talent, creativity, and leadership you brought to the project. It blessed our valley, and I hope more people choose to see it.”
Harold S.


“The music was wonderful… I am in awe! My daughter and I have both been singing “I Love France”, which is the tune that seems to have stuck with us above all others. Great lyrics and catchy tunes throughout.”
LuAnn B.


“Philippe really touched my heart and soul.
I had no clue what the story-line of Philippe was going to be. I thought it might be a comedy, but I was not disappointed with the serious nature of the theme at all. It really was moving, and I had tears in my eyes at least three times.
My husband is a WWII buff, and we are at the age of still being sensitive to that time period. The author did an amazing job with the theme and the characters. The touch of humor throughout the story and the music took the edge off the pain of that era. […]
Many congratulations for a superb job, the cast, and the producers of Philippe. I think this story would do well on Broadway.
I wish you well with all my heart. Please extend my appreciation to everyone involved in this play for all the talent in the story, and handwork to produce it.”

Cheryl B.

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