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Now available for production -

Ask your high school or local theater to produce it!

Harmonica a prop in Philippe's Escape, the new French-inspired family musical

Philippe's Escape

a French inspired Musical

written by

a French woman

Meet the author,

Laurence "Coco" Markarian

Laurence Coco Markarian French author and screenwriter

What is the main theme of the musical?

Freedom! ... to live, to dream...

and even more importantly,

to fulfill those dreams!

"Yes, you can take the girl out of France, but you can't take France out of the girl!"

I was born in France, grew up in France, and France is still part of me.

Some call me a Renaissance woman, and I would agree with that! I have done a lot, but simply said, I am a writer at heart, and I love to turn an idea, a story, an anecdote into a screenplay.



Career Objective
My goal is to find the right agent, the right manager, the right producer, the right investors that will like my work and will believe in me so that, together, we can build a strong and long-term relationship producing family movies that establish some strong values and convey a powerful message.

Author's Achievements

"Consumed by Faith" (How Great Is Our God) Screenplay
Selected for the official International Christian Film Festival in Orlando, Florida - 2023

Quarter Finalist at Faith in Film International Screenplay Festival - 2023

Winner of the Silver Award at Christian Family Film Festival, NY - 2023


"French Yee-Haw" Screenplay
Best Feature Movie Screenplay at the Prix Royal (Paris Screenplay Awards) - 2022

Nominated at the PAMA (Paris Art & Movie Awards) - 2022
Nominated for the RED Movie Awards 2024 Festival in France


"Kay 9" (Christmas at Kay 9) Screenplay

Quarter Finalist at Nashville Film Festival - 2021
Quarter Finalist at Faith in Film International Screenplay Festival - 2021

Quarter Finalist at Screencraft Family Screenplay Competition - 2022
Quarter Finalist at Santa Barbara International Screenplay Awards - 2023

"Philippe's Escape" Screenplay

Submission received a boost with strong underlying scorecard data at The Titans Awards (2021) and We Screenplay (2021)

"Philippe's Escape" Stage Musical Play                                                                         

License comes with full screenplay, full conductor score, libretto, individual scores for all instruments, backing tracks, sound tracks, sound effects, artwork.


Other Achievements / Education

Appointed Honorary Consul of France – Attached to the French Consulate of San Francisco - 2010-present
Degrees in International Commerce, Translation (English-French-German)

French-American Chamber of Commerce Top Student Award

Work Experience

1989 - Present : Office Manager
1990 - Present
:  Translator/Interpreter
1998 - Present
Tutor in English Writing, Math, and French
2008 - Present :  Playwright, Screenwriter


Other Skills


Dual French/American

To know more about the author:

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