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Now available for production -

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“1939 – Shocked, shaken
So many men were mobilized
They left old folks, women, children
Who felt betrayed and terrified”


Philippe ("We Shall Not Fall")

A note from Coco, the author:

History is what connects us all. Whether we know each other personally or not, we are all connected through history, and that is what “Philippe’s Escape” is about: an emotional, fictional drama, new but old-fashioned theater, a compilation of family anecdotes that were narrated with a shaky voice at times, punctuated by a pause, a tearful eye… Anecdotes that should outlive the victims of wartime in France... Anecdotes that were put together into ...









Royan, France, 1939 - Philippe and Michael share the same dreams. Unfortunately, the war is imminent, and they must part from one another. Added to the dark times, Philippe finds himself without a penny, and his choices to make his life better are counted.

On a whim, he flees the country, but little does he know that he will most likely regret it. Disappointed in his protector, Mrs. Ashberry, and utterly despised by Mr. Ashberry, he keeps his sorrow close to his heart.
Comforted at times by his harmonica and a photo of Michael, he carefully treads his own path until the end of the war and the liberation of Royan.

Exciting – Emotional – Unexpected

What Industry Analyst said about the Story

"Philippe's Escape" is a heartfelt, well researched musical drama focused on an aspect of World War II history that is under reported and under appreciated in America. Philippe is a sympathetic protagonist with a clear objective, and it's fascinating watching him navigate the horrors of wartime in France and the strange new land of upper class America. There's purity and innocence to him, as well as a determination, that makes every character, from saucy Brigitte to stern Mr. Ashberry, eventually fall in love with him. The songs are well placed, and the lyrics help explicate the characters' motivations and help move the plot forward, which is really important in these types of musicals.

By WeScreenPlay Story Analyst RB63 (a professional writer, repped by CAA, whose work has been seen on UCB Digital, Funny or Die, Fusion Comedy, and MTV.)

Submission received a boost with strong underlying scorecard data at the Titans Awards (2021) and WeScreenplay (2021) - The concept was placed in the 85th PERCENTILE.

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