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Now available for production -

Ask your high school or local theater to produce it!

Philippe's harmonica in Philippe's Escape the new family historical musical

Curious about the music?

We Shall Not Fall (Philippe)
Sick and Tired (Brigitte)
Sergeant's March (Maurice)
Across the Ocean (Duet)
Tribute to Life (Theme)
Where Is There (D-Day Song)
Cheap licensing fees for new musicals

All music books were reviewed and revised by

Kevin Lynch Music Services

Professional books for Philippe's Escape by KL


No live orchestra? No problem!


Professionally recorded Soundtracks, Original Recordings,

Backing Tracks, Sound Effects


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French history in musical theater can be quite entertaining.

Through dialogue and songs, this story gives you the taste of a new, yet old-fashioned theater play, with all the French cliches - accordion music, French can-can, cafe scenes, and a constant roller-coaster of touching, amusing, sometimes powerful scenes.

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