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The rental fee per costume per day is $35 + a one-time $25 cleaning fee.

Should you rent our costumes for more than 1 day, the $25 cleaning fee will apply only on the last rental day.

We also offer weekly rates ($150 per costume per week). It includes a one-time $25 cleaning fee per costume.


Please call us so that we can give you an exact estimate of your rental costs.


What will happen then?

1- We will send you an invoice/contract which will include the rental costs and the amount of the security deposit.

2- Upon receiving the signed contract back from you, we will kindly request a check from you for the rental costs, and a separate check for the security deposit.

3- Upon receiving the two checks from you (rental costs and security deposit), we will set aside the costumes for the date of your performance, and we will ship them in due time.


Rosie the Riveter Costume includes:

- Cotton Blouse

- Denim Pants

- Scarf

Rosie the Riveter Costume

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